Deutsches Haus

Registration for Winter Term Language Classes Open!

Welcome to Deutsches Haus, New York’s leading institution for culture and language of the German-speaking world. Located in the historic Greenwich Village district, Deutsches Haus is an integral part of New York University. Since 1977, it has provided New Yorkers with a unique forum for cultural, intellectual, and artistic exchange with Germany, Austria, and Switzerland through its three pillars: the language program, the cultural program, and the children's program.

Language Deutsches Haus hosts New York’s best and most prestigious German language school with small-sized classes, and a team of certified, experienced instructors, all of them native-speakers. In addition, we offer private tutoring for individuals and small groups. Deutsches Haus is an official Goethe examination center.

Culture Our exhibitions, talks, concerts, conferences, readings, and film screenings attract a diverse and involved audience of New Yorkers, interested in today’s artistic and intellectual agenda. Deutsches Haus serves as a platform for encounters between artists, writers, scientists, thinkers, and academics engaged with the German-speaking world. Deutsches Haus would like to thank Air Berlin for its generous support throughout the season.

Children Deutsches Haus offers fun classes and educational activities for children, including the celebration of traditional festivities around St. Martin, St. Nicholas, Carnival, and Easter. The children's program has created a sense of community among families who share an interest in German, Austrian, and Swiss culture.

For more information on the history of Deutsches Haus please visit this page.

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