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Speech unbound / Ungebundene Rede: On prose and the prosaic

Thursday, October 29, 2015 – Friday, October 30, 2015

Deutsches Haus at NYU

Deutsches Haus at NYU and the NYU Department of German present the conference "Speech unbound / Ungebundene Rede: On prose and the prosaic."

A two-day symposium with Christopher Wood, Shira Brisman, Richard Halpern,
Florian Fuchs, Avital Ronell, Moritz Bassler, Christiane Frey, Adrian Renner,
Doreen Densky, Eyal Peretz, Juliet Fleming, Susanne Lüdemann, Lydia Goehr, & Anastasiya Osipova.


Thursday, October 29
2:00   Christopher Wood, NYU
         Introductory remarks
2:30   Shira Brisman, University of Wisconsin
         "The Unassembled Grammar of the Drawing in the Era of Reform"
3:15   Richard Halpern, NYU
         "The Skin of Prose"
4:00   break
4:15   Florian Fuchs, Yale University
         "The Prose Act"
5:00   Avital Ronell, NYU
         "Phrasal Regimens"
5:45   break
6:00   Moritz Bassler, University of Münster
         Keynote address, "The Semiotics of Prose and the Problem of Realism"
Reception following talk

Friday, October 30
 9:30   Christiane Frey, NYU
          "Prosaic distinctions: Hegel contra Schlegel"
10:15  Adrian Renner, Yale University
          "‘Like a painting’: Picturing Prose"
11:00  break
11:15  Doreen Densky, NYU
          "Sea, Stream, and Overflow: Alfred Döblin between Verse and Prose"
12:00  Eyal Peretz, University of Indiana
          "The Messiah of the Mute - Chaplin and the Birth of Cinematic Speech"
1:00   lunch break
2:15   Juliet Fleming, NYU
         "Font Cise"
3:00   Susanne Lüdemann, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich
         "Binding the Unbound: Prose and the Problem of Form"
3:45   break
4:00   Lydia Goehr, Columbia University
         "The Tendency to Prose: From New Music to Laconic Wit"
4:45   Anastasiya Osipova, NYU
         "Theory of Adventure: Victor Shklovsky's Autobiographical Prose"
6:00   Christopher Wood, NYU

Speech unbound / Ungebundene Rede: On prose and the prosaic is a DAAD-supported event.