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Max Weber Chair Conference 2014: Women in Leadership: Can Women Have it All?

Thursday, April 3, 2014 – Friday, April 4, 2014

Deutsches Haus at NYU

While women are still underrepresented in leadership positions across the globe, there are great variations between different countries. In the Nordic countries of Europe, women have almost achieved equal parliamentary representation, while the situation is more dismal in Southern Europe. Continental European countries, such as Germany, take a middle ground. In the U.S., women have made some progress in the corporate world and in politics, but their representation in government is still low. In other regions of the world, as well as in key international institutions, the situation is even more complex. Against this backdrop we will address underlying causes and consequences of the uneven share of women’s representation. Do women just have to “lean in”, as Sheryl Sandberg contends? Or is it a matter of the shifting social infrastructure, as Anne Marie Slaughter has argued? What is the significance of changing men’s roles? What difference does it make when more women are in leadership? Will politics be more “humane”, or peaceful, and will perceptions, aspirations and the agenda of governments change over time? Which changes are necessary to develop more equality in gender relations?

During the conference speakers from different disciplines, including sociology and political science, will approach these questions and explore if and when women can have equal share in power and what needs to be done to move towards greater equality.

This conference is part of an effort to promote German and European studies at NYU. We invite graduate students and faculty from different departments and programs at NYU and the broader academic community.

Events at Deutsches Haus are free of charge. Please let us know which event you would like to attend by sending us an email to Space at Deutsches Haus is limited, please arrive ten minutes prior to the event. Thank you!


Thursday, April 3, 6:30 pm
Welcome: Juliane Camfield, Director, Deutsches Haus
Christiane Lemke, Max Weber Chair for German and European Politics at NYU

Keynote Speech: Lani Guinier, Bennett Boskey Professor of Law, Harvard University

8.00 pm: Reception

Friday, April 4, 9:00am – 5 pm
9:00 am Coffee and Introduction
Christiane Lemke, Max Weber Chair, Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, NYU 

9:30-11:00 Panel 1:  Can Women Have it All? Assessing the Gender Gap in Politics and the Public Sphere

Chair: Christiane Lemke, NYU

Carol Gilligan, University Professor, New York University: “Women’s Voices and the Gender Gap: What Does It Mean?”

Kathleen Gerson, Professor of Sociology, NYU: “Different Ways of Not Having It All: Work, Care, and Gender Change in the New Economy”

Angelika von Wahl, Professor of International Affairs, Lafayette College: "Moving A Mountain: Women Voters, Women Leaders, and the Male Breadwinner Model in Germany"

Coffee Break

11:30 - 1:00 Panel 2: Women in Politics: Comparative Perspectives

Chair: Erica Edwards, Center for European Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Joyce Mushaben, Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Missouri St. Louis: “Underestimating Madam Chancellor: Angela Merkel as a Case Study in Political Learning”

Christine Landfried, Professor of Political Science, University of Hamburg: “Women in Politics – What Difference Does it Make?”

Amanda Garrett, Center for European Studies, NYU, and Harvard University: “An Easy Concession or Meaningful Representation? Minority Women in French Politics”

1:00 - 2:15 Lunch Break

2:15 - 3:45 Panel 3: The Global Dimensions: Empowerment and International Organizations

Chair:  Jonathan Bach, Professor of International Affairs, The New School New York

Irene Finel Honigman, Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University: “Women in Finance: Prototypes or Stereotypes?”

Sabine Lang, Professor of European and International Studies, University of Washington: "Women’s Transnational Advocacy in the EU: Who is Empowered? Leaders, Organizations, or Publics?"

Sylvia Maier, Professor, Global Affairs Program, NYU: “'Leaning In' - A Global Perspective”

Michele Wucker, President of the World Policy Institute: “Gender, Citizenship, and the Global Economy”

Coffee Break

4:00-5:00 Roundtable: Can Women Have It All? Is This the Right Question?

Moderator: Christiane Lemke

With Angelika von Wahl, Joyce Mushaben, Sylvia Maier

The Max Weber Chair Conference 2014 is a DAAD-sponsored event.