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Prinzessinnengarten Berlin Comes to New York

Friday, May 10, 2013, 6:30 p.m.

Deutsches Haus at NYU

Prinzessinnengarten (Princess Garden) is something like a fairy tale made in Berlin. Within only three years, hundreds of volunteers have turned a neglected wasteland located in the heart of the city into a blooming social and ecological urban landscape. Following the motto “Do It Yourself & Do It Together,” five-hundred different kinds of vegetables and herbs are grown at Princess Garden, which is situated only a few steps away from the former border between East and West Berlin. Numerous workshops for kids and teenagers are held there and Prinzessinnengarten is also home to multiple bee colonies. At the local restaurant, the fresh garden products are processed directly.

This urban garden has become a lively center of exchange and learning within a diverse neighborhood that has been marked by social tensions. However, despite the fact that Prinzessinnengarten is now internationally recognized as a prototype for urban sustainability, last year the city of Berlin announced its intention of selling the area of Princess Garden to the highest bidder.This created a public outcry and more than 30000 people signed a petition for the preservation of this extraordinary garden.

Elizabeth Calderon-Lüning und Marco Clausen, two of the founders of Prinzessinnengarten, will tell the remarkable story of this urban garden in Berlin Kreuzberg. And since gardening in the city cannot be imagined without sharing food, they will also prepare a small meal in cooperation with garden lovers from New York.

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